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April 2022 ‘Home’Ward Bound Newsletter

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April 2022
Hal Blake
Jason Blake
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Advisors

Hello again everyone! In case you blinked, the first quarter of the year is over and it is already April! We guess time flies when there is world unrest, huh?

Anyway – we do have some interesting news regarding the market this month. We have seen a significant rise in interest rates that began in mid January and has really upended the plans of many buyers. Where 30 year loans were around 3% when the calendar turned to 2022, we are now seeing those loans in the mid 4% range. Despite this, it is still a sellers market locally as inventory remains very, very low. So what does this mean in layman’s terms?

Well if you are considering selling, it means you should either speed up your timeline and get your home sold ASAP before rates rise much more (which they are expected to at least in the short term), OR delay your plans and wait to see what happens later in the year, if you can. On the buyer side – you definitely need to speak with your lender and probably get a new pre approval letter taking into account the increased rates. Rates are still historically fairly low despite the increase so it remains a good time to buy if you can afford to!

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